12 Year old MoMo Entering MMA Match Versus 24 year old Momoko Yamazaki


In one of the wildest stories to come out of the MMA scene so far in 2017, Japanese fight promotion Deep Jewels has announced a 12 year old named MoMo will be in their next show.  There’s more… she won’t be fighting another 12 year old, but an experienced 24 year-old MMA pro who is twice her age.

Japan is known to do things a little different when it comes to fighting, including matches that are more entertainment centered than serious MMA contents.  Bob Sapp made a decent living for years in Japan fighting all kinds of big wrestler types, who had limited MMA experience.  The emerging Deep Jewels promotion is getting international media attention by allowing this tiny 12 year old to fight in a MMA match.  She will be facing Momoko Yamazaki, who has a 2-3 fight record and is also known as a talented street fighter.

The fight is scheduled to go down May 20th and will be fought at the 95 pound, minimum-weight division.  The problem is little Momo only weights 86 pounds, so she will be giving up almost 10 pounds to the elder Yamasaki.   Both fighters will be wearing protective head gear and there will be no kicks allowed to a downed opponents head.  Still, at only 12 years old, many people think little MoMo is just too young to fight an experienced MMA pro.  Yamasaki, who has lost her past 2 bouts, is looking to get into the win column.  This appears to be a cheap way to score a win, fighting a tiny 12 year old with no professional experience.

The 7th grader Momo is confident taking the fight.  She believes her superior striking will wear down the older Yamasaki and she will get the win.  She has been training hard and expects a tough fight.  Do you think MoMo should be allowed to fight at such a young age?

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