Justine Kish Takes a Sh#t After Nearly Getting Choked Out!


MMA fighters are legendary for their toughness. They just don’t give up, no matter the circumstances and that includes needing to take a crap. Justine Kish fought her heart out in a tough decision loss to Felice Herrig on the main card at UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City.

After Justine escaped from a deep submission, she still wasn’t out of danger. To get out of the bad position, Justine had to explode and she did exactly that! In a burst of energy, other things started to explode and it was all caught on live television.  A few brown spots appeared on the mat and then a few more. The ref just acted cool and collected.

Justine kept fighting and sh#*#ing. After a few seconds the smell reached her opponent, Felice Herrig. Felice later admitted that she could smell the crap but she had to keep on fighting to secure the win.

Justine handled the situation like she didn’t give a sh*t.  She later poked a little fun at the whole thing and posted on Twitter, “sh*t happens and vowed to come back better than ever. We hope she comes back cleaner than ever and hits the bathroom before rolling around in the cage.