Julian Marquez Lands Nasty TKO Kick Over Phil Hawes that Freaks Dana White Out

Getting a TKO win is always awesome. Getting one in spectacular fashion and impressing UFC President Dana White just makes it all the more sweeter. Fans tune in to the UFC to watch combat fighting at its highest level and that’s exactly what they want to see. That means brutal punching and kicks that can darn near kill a man.

You would think that after almost 20 years with the UFC, Dana White has seen it all. He probably has, but he hasn’t heard it all. When a UFC fighter lays down a vicious kick that sounds like a freight train running into a wall, then even Dana White is on his feet freaking out.

For the casual fans, and yes women who have an aversion to violence, this video might be hard to watch. Hell, even hardcore MMA fans might cringe watching the video. In one of the hardest TKO leg kick finishes in recent MMA history, Julian Marquez shocked the crowd with a thundering kick that floored Phil Hawes. The bout took place on the 4th installment show of  “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.”

The fight was non stop action from start to finish, with Julian peppering Hawes with a variety of punches. Then came a devastating knee from Marquez that backed up Hawes to the fence and then to his knees on the mat. As Phil slowly got back up, clearly dazed from the barrage of strikes, he got put out by a kick to the face that everyone in the building could hear. Clearly it impressed Dana White and he nearly S*#t in his pants.

Now the question will be if Julian Marquez can keep winning against tougher competition. If he keeps his head straight and sticks with his top level striking, the skies the limit. This might be the next big UFC star, or just another journeyman that is exciting to watch. Check out the crazy TKO video, only if you can handle it.