Amanda Nunes Crushes Ronda Rousey in only 48 Seconds!

There were many questions facing Ronda Rousey coming into this much anticipated fight over the Brazilian Amanda Nunes.  One of the biggest things people were asking, was if Ronda still had the mental edge.  Many wondered if she lost her fight confidence after getting knocked out a year ago by Holly Holm.  The other question people had coming into the fight was whether Ronda could stand-up with the hard hitting Nunes.  At UFC 207 Friday night in Las Vegas, all the questions were answered by the new women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes, as she completely destroyed Ronda.

The Brazilian star must have modeled her game plan after Conor McGregor, as she toyed with the helpless Judo vet like a lion playing with a tiny mouse.  With her hands down and swinging freely, Amanda teed off on Ronda and connected on nearly every shot.  The pummeling took only 48 seconds, with Ronda’s face battered and bloody.  The Brazilian superstar seemed to enjoy each and every punch to Ronda’s famous face.  She had no trouble getting inside on Ronda and blasted her with looping overhand punches that hit the American fighter square in the face time and time again.

You have to give credit to the former champ though for taking a punch.  Her defense and movement however was totally amateur.  Ronda could not slip out of the way and seemed dazed and confused with each punishing blow.  The pouncing Nunes lit up Ronda with a multi-combination drubbing that knocked Rousey into 2017 a day early.  Ronda got back on her feet but could barely stand up.  She looked like a lost child out in the octagon and was unprepared for the power of the Brazilian Nunes.

The newly minted T-Mobile arena on the Vegas strip was stunned by the outcome.  Ronda looked absolutely shocked after the beating and didn’t even talk to Joe Rogan afterwards.  If her confidence was not already crushed by Holly, this fight will surely cause self-doubt in the mind of Ronda.  Many are already are speculating she will retire from MMA now.

This loss puts Ronda at 12-2 with the last two bouts absolute beat-down losses.  Don’t feel sorry for her just yet.  The UFC reported it paid her a base fight salary of $3 Million and that doesn’t include PPV points, which could send her purse sky-rocketing.  She also has numerous endorsements and a blossoming movie career ahead of her.  Whether she will fight again is uncertain but what we do know it she needs to work on her stand-up boxing skills and become a more all around fighter.  The women’s game has gotten a lot tougher in recent years and Ronda seems to rely way too much on her signature arm bars.

As a UFC fight fan, I hope Ronda takes some time off and returns after changing camps.  Perhaps she could hook up with the Jackson’s MMA team in Albuquerque and get the boxing skills she desperately needs.  The other option would be more losses and a certain retirement.  Will Ronda fight again in 2017?  What do you think?

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