Is Anthony Johnson Going to the NFL?

There are rumblings about Anthony Johnson’s future dream job?  Will he be a DJ?  Will he become a MMA TV host?  Well the rumor mill is heating up quite a bit.  Rumble has been giving some hints that his next job might involve the National Football League, the acclaimed NFL.

Although Johnson has long denied the rumor, he has been sending out strong hints on his social media sites, as in repeated images of football.  Henri Hooft, Johnson’s trainer said, “I’m not going into all the details, because I’m not 100% sure what those details are, but everyone can see his social media pages and it is football.”

Johnson shocked the MMA world following his Saturday night loss in Buffalo NY to Daniel Cormier by announcing his immediate retirement.  This left everyone speculating on his next career move, but not too many people expected a career in the NFL.  Rumble is an amazing athlete and has done very well in mixed martial arts, but the NFL is a totally different world.   Maybe Johnson has some invitations to try out in the summer NFL camps and will then use that as a bargaining chip to get more money on his next UFC fight contract.

There is already speculation that the NFL Rams are interested in trying out Rumble for a spot on their roster, but at this point it’t nothing more than a rumor.  80% of current NFL players are younger than Johnson.  Even if he made a team, how long could he play at 33?

Rumble did leave the door wide open for a MMA comeback and already mentioned that to Dana White.  So the question is, what will it take for Rumble Johnson to put the gloves back on and make a MMA comeback?

I already did it
I already did it

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