Arianny Celeste First Ever Ring Girl to Earn $1,000,000

A couple years ago Ronda Rousey picked a beef with beautiful UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.  The issue, according to Ronda, was she was making more than most of the female fighters and not setting her pretty little feet inside the octagon.  According to recent published documents, the ring girls are not exactly getting huge paychecks from the UFC.  Arianny makes around $20,000 per year for her UFC modeling work.

So Ronda Rousey is a little off when she complains about ring girl pay.  The real money comes from endorsements and Arianny has racked them up.  She is now estimated to be the first ring girl to be worth over $1,000,000!

The savvy young business woman has several endorsement deals, including a spot with Bud Light and a promotional contract for Fit Tea. Celeste uses the reach of her over 3 million Instagram followers to promote all kinds of things, including her sizzling calendars.

One of the wildest things she promotes is her very own beer pong table.  It’s so so hard to concentrate on beer pong when Arianny’s beautiful image is starring right back at you.

She is estimated to have a net worth of about 3 million.  That is what I call tapping into all your assets and banking some serious cash. Hopefully Arianny will stay active as a UFC ring girl for years to come.