This BJJ Girl Can Bust a Watermelon With Her Thighs


Kortney Olson is one bad woman.  She has an incredible physique and can throw down on almost anything… guys, girls and oh yah watermelons. Most of us get out a plain old knife when we want to open up a watermelon.  Kortney Olson on the other hand doesn’t waste anytime. She just slides the melon between her powerful thighs and crushes it.

Kortney is all about girl power. She is an acclaimed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter and has competed in numerous competitions.  So how did Kortney Olson end up crushing watermelons?  She claims she was on painkillers and basically OD on them. She was high, full of rage and just grabbed a watermelon and stuck it between her legs to see if she could burst it open. Not one to quit, Olson squeezed the Holy Sh*t out of the poor watermelon until it exploded.

After posting the video on YouTube, it went viral. She talks about BJJ in a couple vids and how she routinely submits guys that piss her off. It seems Kortney is all about girl power. The last few years she’s focused more on body-building, but will always have a love of BJJ. Don’t worry though guys, she plans to keep crushing watermelons now and then.

I already did it
I already did it

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