Brock Lesnar Says He Will Fight Jon Jones Anywhere Anytime!

There are super fights and then once in a lifetime Mega Super Fights.  If you thought Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is exciting, then this will blow your mind. Jon Jones came out and said he would be willing to fight Brock Lesnar in a super fight.  In no time at all, Lesnar went public and said, “I will fight Jon Jones Anywhere Anytime.”  That fight would go down as the most anticipated match up in MMA fight history.

Jones, who is prepping for his current match-up with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in Irvine, made the statement about fighting Brock Lesnar in a live Facebook chat.  Both Jones and Lesnar are coming off of one year suspensions for doping violations and are ready to throw down.  Jones stated during the Facebook chat he didn’t think Brock Lesnar would ever accept the challenge. He was wrong. Brock means what he says and he said he will fight Jones anytime.

It appears Brock is not afraid of Jon “bones” Jones. Lesnar, who is a decorated collegiate wrestler, surely believes he can take down Jones at will and smash him with some good old ground and pound.

If the fight goes down, it would easily be the biggest MMA event ever. The gate could beat Conor McGregor’s records, by a lot.  The pay per view numbers could hit 3 million plus buys. Those numbers would get each fighter more than $10 million for the fight and the UFC a much needed mega payday.

Maybe what is happening is the UFC fighters are watching a relatively newcomer to the sport, Conor McGregor get all the attention and most of the big money. Brock Lesnar seems to be no fan of Conor. The Irish superstar took some jabs at Brock for being a fake WWE fighter and loaded on steroids. While Lesnar would surely love a mega bout with Conor, the UFC would probably never make that happen. Lesnar would rag doll Conor and beat him senseless for sure. Conor would also never allow himself to be embarrassed in a fight. A beating by Brock would destroy his image of being nearly invincible.

If the Brock Lesnar verses Jon Jones fight does go down, it won’t happen until next year.  That’s when Lesnar’s contract with the WWE ends and he can sign with the UFC. Who do you think would win, Brock or Jon? One things for sure, it would be a fooking awesome fight!

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