Check out Galore Bofando knockout Charlie Ward with a Nasty Body Slam at UFC Fight Night 113


Galore Bofando is more known for his amazing strikes but he just showed us some serious grappling power at UFC Fight Night 113, in Glasgow Scotland.  He faced Charlie Ward and then face planted him straight down to the mat with a vicious body throw.

This was reminiscent of vintage Rampage Jackson, who would just send their opponents flying with serious body slams.  In the 1st round, each fighter tried to gain grappling position, when Galore just decided to create a bit of space and throw Charlie down.  The impact could be heard throughout the arena, as Ward’s head went slamming into the canvas.

Ward was out on impact but Bofando jumped on him and delivered several more devastating blows before the ref put a stop to the carnage. Bofando is a rising star, with the potential to be a top 5 fighter in his division. He is improving with each fight and adding more weapons to his already formidable arsenal.