Chris Weidman Puts a Nasty Triangle Submission on Kelvin Gastelum & Gets the Win


Chris Weidman made a major statement Saturday night at UFC on Fox 25 – he’s f#%&*n back! Weidman, who was on a three fight losing streak dating, way back to 2015, came out in the first round cautious. He used his superior reach advantage to keep away from the quick and powerful striking of Kelvin Gastelum. That worked for most of the first round, but with just a few seconds left, Kelvin set-up Chris with a combination. He delivered a bomb left hand to the face of Weidman and knocked him down in a flash knockout. The dazed New York fighter was able to go for a fast double leg and survive until the round ended. If there was more time left in the first, we might be talking a knockout for Kelvin.

The second round turned into a grappling exhibition, with Weidman taking down the smaller Kelvin at will. This was a smart move and obviously Chris didn’t want anymore bombs to the face. Kelvin showed strong defense and was able to stand again and again, but could not get his striking game going.

As the third round started, Kelvin looked to lose a bit of his confidence and was taken down for good mid way through. Chris put a nasty triangle choke on Gastelum and tapped him out. The hometown crowd went crazy and Weidman’s dad looked like he wanted to fight someone, he was so jacked up. During the post fight interview, Chris called out Michael Bisping and told the crowd he’s the real champ.

This was a huge win for Chris, but comes off three tough losses, so it’s not likely the UFC will give him a title shot anytime soon. For now, Chris needs to get another win or two, to get back into title contention. Tonight, the all American definitely got his swagger back, with a much needed victory.