Chuck Liddell is Back and Will Fight Tito Ortiz!

Chuck Liddell is getting back in the cage to face familiar foe Tito Ortiz. The two MMA legends will face-off under Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar in the past has frowned on MMA fighters and even took jabs at the Conor vs. Mayweather fight.

Now it appears even Oscar can see the popularity of MMA and cash in. He went on to say, “Tito and Chuck are legends on MMA, they will put on a show for fight fans around the world.” The trilogy clash will be a pay per view event. While no firm date is set, the two legends might face off in a competing New Year’s weekend fight up against the UFC’s PPV.

Chuck has been itching to get back into MMA for years, even though Dana White stated the UFC would never allow him to fight again. Tito on the other hand has been retired for a couple years and is rumored to have financial problems.

The reality is these guys are not in their prime by a long shot, but will put on an entertaining fight that will probably end in a devastating TKO. The outcome is predictable, Tito will get that head bounced again and go back into retirement. Maybe this time Tito will really retire.