Cocky Fighter Won’t Touch Gloves Then Pays The Ultimate Price

It’s a common courtesy going into battle that you touch gloves with your opponent. It shows mutual respect and that you’re ready to throw down. In this fight, one of the fighters refused to touch gloves. Whether it was a form of intimidation, or he really hated his opponent, he just wasn’t touching gloves. The guy just holds his glove up for the longest time, but the first touch was only going to happen when the fight started and that would be violent bomb touches.

In one of the most aggressive fights I’ve seen in a while, the shorter African fighter just tore up his oppenent with vicious leg kicks and strikes to the head at will for the first couple minutes. The African MMA fighter looked like he had the fight easily one when the tables suddenly turned. After several take down attempts were unsuccessful, the disrespected fighter got his revenge. He took his opponent down and pummeled him in top position until the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

This just goes to show that you should always give proper respect before a fight and touch gloves. It’s not required, but it if you don’t, you are only adding motivation to your opponent. Check out this intense video and the shocking ending.