Conor is Building a Secret Boxing Gym to Prepare for Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor is taking the potential fight against Floyd Mayweather very serious.  Even though there has been no agreement and no contract signed, the MMA fighter and crossover boxer is already preparing for it.  He is so serious, word is Conor is building a secret boxing arena.  It will be built to replicate a championship level ring at the MGM Garden in Las Vegas.  Conor wants to feel comfortable inside a boxing ring as much as possible, so why not build-out the real thing.
The buzz about the possible $500 Million to $1Billion fight has not stopped since Floyd challenged Conor by stating he would only come out of retirement for one fight, a fight with Conor McGregor.  Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh, recently said “the fights happening 100%.”  The acclaimed trainer is already working on Conor’s cardio to prepare him for 12 rounds and will go into full boxing mode training mode soon.
The plan is to have weekly and bi-weekly sparring sessions with top level boxing pros to help get Conor prepared.  They will also be inviting in fans to replicate the feel of the MGM Grand.  Conor has not fought since destroying Eddie Alvarez and only wants this fight with Floyd.  With a child on the way in May, Conor doesn’t want to fight until after his first child is born.  He plans to meet with Dana White sometime in May and get the deal done.
The only thing we do know for now is the deal will be good for both Conor and the UFC.  The new owners of the UFC are in desperate need of a mega payday, as recent stars like Jon Jones have been suspended and big names like Brock Lesnar have announced their retirement.