Conor Gets Mauled in Epic Beatdown

In what was hyped as the biggest fight in the history of the UFC turned out ot be a lopsided beatdown. Conor McGregor, the king of trash talking, could not handle Khabib’s relentless pressure.

Conor was looking for the only possible way to win, a knockout with his left. That didn’t happen. Khabib didn’t seem at all concerned with Conor’s power, even inviting the Irish superstar to come forward. The Russian undefeated fighter had his way with Conor, easily putting him on his back at will.

In the third round Conor got a few jabs in on the Russian, but had no power whatsoever. In the fourth, Conor seemed to give up and tapped like a scared child from a chin choke.

After the stoppage, Khabib wasn’t done. He flew over the cage and went after Conor’s team that resulted into a huge cage-side brawl. Conor disappeared after the fight, not making any media or scheduled club appearances. The notorious fighter finally shut his mouth.