Conor has Begun Training for the Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor is serious about fighting Floyd Mayweather.  So serious the UFC champ has already begun training for the much anticipated clash.  John Kavnagh, who is McGregor’s head coach, confirmed the 155 pound UFC champ is already preparing for money Mayweather.  The coach is putting together a plan that includes an intense boxing regimen.  He went on to explain that in some ways the camp will be easier than a normal UFC fight, as they only need to focus on boxing.

While the UFC brass and Mayweather promotions work out the contract, Conor is training as if the fight will happen.  Conor is given almost no chance to beat Floyd in a boxing match.  It seems there’s not much too lose on Conor’s side and everything for Floyd to lose.  Conor just needs to show up and connect with Floyd a few times.  If he hits floyd with his lightening fast left jab, you never know, Floyd could get put on the canvas.  The real question is this, will Floyd ever get touched?

I expect Conor to grab and rough up the smaller Mayweather.  I think he will get in there and do some dirty boxing and maybe even throw an illegal elbow or even headbutt, just to get inside Floyd’s head.  Even worse, he might taunt the pound for pound boxing king and try to get Floyd to make a mistake.  The only thing we do know is it won’t be a boring fight.  Conor comes to fight and won’t allow Mayweather to dance around the entire time.  He will advance and attack the smaller Mayweather, but he might just get knocked out doing so.

The fight is still not here, but it sure feels like it will happen.  When it does, the world will see if a MMA fighter can beat a world champion boxer at boxing.