Conor McGregor Appears in court wearing Wonder Woman Tight Jeans.

UFC star Conor McGregor made an appearance in a New York court Friday afternoon, after being arrested and charged on multiple counts. Those charges include criminal mischief and assault, that stem from a violent outburst by McGregor. Conor decided to throw a dolly threw a bus window, apparently targeting Khabib nurmagomedov. The Russian fighter was uninjured but the dolly almost took out UFC champion Rose Namajunas. Several passengers also were injured, with facial and eye lacerations.

Conor appeared in court sporting tight jeans with the all-too-familiar look of defiance. The usually boastful McGregor was soft spoken and answered the judge softly, “yes, your honor.”

The judge overseeing the proceedings set bail at $50,000, an amount Conor had no problem posting. He’s set to return to court June 14th and will be allowed to go back home to Ireland, but will have certain protective orders set. Those include no contact with some of the victims of the crazy assault.

Conor’s lawyer pleaded with the judge to allow McGregor travel rights, stating “he has one of the most recognizable faces on the planet and zero criminal history. The judge agreed and set the bail rather low, but Conor will have to check in with authorities once a week. If he violates the terms of his release, he will get hauled back to jail.

No word yet if the UFC will cut ties with the Mac Man or see this as an opportunity to set up a mega bout with Khabib. One thing is for sure, expect the unexpected with Conor McGregor.