Conor McGregor Attacks Bus Carrying UFC 223 Fighters!

Conor McGregor has gone full WWE, with a violent outburst targeted at UFC 223 fighters. The incident, captured on video Thursday, shows Conor snatching a freaking dolly inside the Barclays Center. He hoists it up and hurls it through a bus window.

The dolly didn’t exactly hit its intended target. Rather it sprayed glass and shrapnel on several fighters and UFC executives. Lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa suffered multiple cuts and was taken to the hospital.

Rose Namajunas was also hurt, nearly breaking her hand. Khabib Nurmagomedov was the apparent target, but suffered no major injuries. The Russian fighter later stated he tried to get off the bus to kick Conor’s a**, but was held back. Late word is Conor has an arrest warrent outstanding and the police are looking for him.

Now the question is will Conor ever step into the octagon again. Will the UFC dump him or see this crazy incident as an opportunity for a Khabib – Conor superfight? ,