Conor McGregor Gets Hit with a $95,000 Lawsuit for Tagging Dude with Water Bottle

ESPN reported that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been hit with a $95,000 lawsuit, after hitting a bystander in the UFC 202 pre-fight press conference. The water bottle fight erupted after Nate Diaz took issue with Conor coming to the press conference late. Nate then turned the tables and walked out to show Conor he was not having it. That’s when the verbal insults started and so did the water bottles. Now, more than a year later, William Pegg has decided he inflicted serious damages and wants $95K in compensation.

Apparently Conor is no pro baseball pitcher, because instead of hitting Nate or Nick Diaz, the water bottles and energy drink ended up drilling innocent people. Despite UFC President Dana White yelling at Conor to stop, the Irish fighter hurled the bottles anyways.

Initially the Nevada State Athletic Association fined Conor $150,000 and ordered Mistic Mac to pay $150,000 in fines and also perform 50 hours of community service. This enraged Conor, who threatened to not fight in Las Vegas anymore. Later the commission reduced the fine to $25,000 and 25 hours of community service.

At UFC 202, Conor McGregor got a majority decision win over Nick Diaz. This has set-up a possible trilogy fight for late 2017 or early 2018. If the fight does go down, the press conferences are no doubt going to be a hot tempered, must see show.