Conor McGregor Hits the Town on Date Night with New Hottie

They say money can change a person, for the better or for the worse. For some, it can be a blessing and for others a major curse. For UFC champion and worldwide sensation Conor McGregor, it seems money is changing his lifestyle in a big way and that includes women.

Conor made headlines around the world recently by hanging out with Rita Ora at the fashion awards in London. The pop singer looked stunning in a tight-fitting metallic dress with not much left to the imagination. The 27 year old star seemed to relish the attention she got with the wildly popular McGregor.

The two posed for photos and Conor seemed more than excited to be hanging out with this hottie. Ora then went on to post on social media, “Date night with @TheNotoriousMMA.” Wow – this is a bug surprise to MMA fans who are accustomed to seeing Conor with long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin.

The “date night” tag surely has Ms. Devlin pissed, to the point she probably wants to put her in a choke hold. Fans were quick to get on Conor, calling him totally disrespectful to his girlfriend of 9 years and mother of his son.

After Ora performed at the fashion show, she quickly made her way back to Conor for another chat that lasted quite a while. She seems to have some Notorious game all her own. Conor didn’t back away and stayed and posed for more photos in a tight red tux. He seemed to be enjoying her company just as much as she was enjoying his.

Conor went on to take photos with none other than fashion icon Versace. He then lit up twitter, wearing a custom Versace robe. Conor is on top of his game with tens of millions in the bank, but lets hope he keeps the same values that pushed him to become world champ. This includes respecting his family, fans and the UFC, all of whom helped him get to the top.