Conor McGregor is a Scared Pu$$y

Khabib Nurmagomedov is so confident he would maul Conor into oblivion, he offered to fight the Irish superstar for free. While a lot of fighters talk crap, you get the feeling the Khabib so intensely wants to get his hands on Conor, he would indeed fight for nothing.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Nurmagomedov said he doesn’t give a sh*t about money, he just wants to fight. The Russian fighter says he’s interested in real fights and is motivated by his legacy, not money.

Conor on the other hand appears to be scared to get back into the octagon. The Notorious has not fought in the UFC since November of 2016, after he knocked out Eddie Alvarez. Now the competition in both the Flyweight and Lightweight divisions has gotten a lot tougher. Despite the brash talk Conor has spewed, many believe McGregor is scared to defend his belt.

In the UFC lightweight division, both Khabib and Ferguson would no doubt give Conor problems. It might be a smart move for Conor to go for an easier fight with Nate Diaz and make the same or more money, than a risky title fight with Khabib or Tony Ferguson. Conor knows the fight game, his own limitations and when he looks at the 155 pound landscape, he’s probably shi@@ing in his Beverly Hills pants. Chances are Conor will get back in the octagon again, but for a trilogy bout against Nate Diaz.

If he does accept the Khabib-Tony winner, then he might just retire again, after getting mauled to pieces. If he makes excuses and doesn’t fight, he’s a scared bit@h.