Conor McGregor Won’t be Allowed to Throw Kicks on Floyd Mayweather


In a real fight Conor McGregor would probably destroy Floyd Mayweather in about 30 seconds. Well, maybe less time than that. Now that the big fight date between the two combat stars is set, we are getting a closer look into the contract details. One thing Floyd made sure his legal team put in place was no kicks or elbows.

Floyd wants nothing of Conor’s powerful kicks and made Conor sign a contract, promising not to throw them Floyd’s way. UFC president Dana White confirmed it by saying, “yah that was the first thing Floyd’s team put in the contract, no kicks and elbows.” Conor could even get sued and lose a portion of his fight purse if he resorts to MMA fighting, like elbows to Floyd’s face and drop kicking the money man.

Conor cannot “go rogue” in the boxing match and hit Floyd MMA style. Mayweather wants it to be a pure boxing match and clearly wants to keep his advantage. After months of negotiations, with many believing the fight would never happen, it is officially on.

The mega-bout will happen August 26th at T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. It will be the most anticipated fight of the past 20 years or so. Conor is bigger than Floyd and just as fast, but has amateur boxing skills. Floyd wants to show the world he is the greatest combat fighter ever, even at 40 years old.  He would like nothing more than to finish his fighting career with a perfect 50-0 record by knocking out the cocky McGregor in his hometown of Vegas.