Conor Screams Insults at Floyd During Heated Weigh-In


The time has come for one of the biggest combat sports events of all time. That of course is the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor all universe fight taking place tomorrow night in Las Vegas. Today was the much anticipated weigh-in and both fighters did not let their fans down. Conor showed up cocky as ever, sporting flip up sunglasses, that looked like a flashback from the 80’s. Conor strolled to the stage with the Irish flag draped around him. The Irish fans were mesmerized and exploded with cheers, as if he was some sporting God.

Floyd entered the arena a bit more relaxed. He walked out to an old Phil Collins track and looked comfortable, despite the hoard of Irish fans booing him in his hometown. Conor stepped on the scales first and looked lean and strong. He weighed in at a solid 153, one pound under the limit of 154. Floyd walked up to the scale all smiles but there was a bit of a problem getting it balanced. The commissioner dropped repeated F bombs and told everyone to get the %*&# out of the way. Mayweather weighed in at 149.5, almost 5 pounds under the 154 limit. When asked about the weight advantage Conor has, Floyd said, “it’s about the skill of the fighter, not the weight of the fighter.”

While that might be true, Conor is at the peak of his game at just 29 years old. He will step into the ring Saturday night with a nearly 20 pound weight advantage, a longer reach and a nothing to lose attitude. All Conor has to do is look good and land some heavy punches in the bout, without getting TKOd and he will be perceived a victor. Money Mayweather on the other hand needs to not only win, but win fast and in convincing fashion. That means a knockout or a total beat down of the cocky Irish MMA fighter. Will this enormous pressure have a negative effect on Floyd, or will he come out and show the world he is still the greatest pound for pound boxer alive?

McGregor has promised to take over boxing, routinely declaring to anyone who will listen, “I am boxing.” Irish fans have even been spotted around Vegas sporting T-shirts with Conor’s image with the words emblazoned , “I am boxing.” With all the trash talk nearly over, it will soon be time to get down and get nasty.

Rumor has it Conor will keep Floyd off balance and show the boxer unorthodox styles that will frustrate the 49-0 fighter. Conor didn’t even bring a world class boxing trainer into his training camp. He stuck with his MMA coaches he has been with all along. There will also be a lot of grabbing and pushing against the smaller Floyd. Conor believes he has a big power advantage and only needs to connect once or twice to end the fight. The Irishman believes that will happen in less than 4 rounds. The cocky Conor stated, “I will breeze through him and knock him out in four rounds or less.” That has got to get under Floyd’s skin but so far the world champion boxer has kept his cool. Mayweather is so relaxed, he plans to spend Friday night before the bout at his newly purchased strip club, Girl Collection. That statement was probably more of a promotional stab than anything else. Floyd will probably party in the club less than 1 hour.

As for Conor, he plans on spending the pre-fight night chowing down and putting as much size on as he can prior to Saturday’s fight. McGregor also had some choice words for Mayweather’s physique. He said, “That is the worst shape I’ve ever seen Floyd in. I will go to the center of that ring and stamp my foot. I won’t go nowhere.” The brash McGregor went onto say, “I see a man afraid, That is it, he is afraid. We will see tomorrow.”

As for Floyd, he didn’t look to worried. During the weigh-in showdown, Conor lit up Floyd with one insult after another and the boxing champ didn’t take the bait. Floyd hopes to let his boxing do all the talking Saturday night. One thing is for sure, the world will be watching.