Cris Cyborg Challenges Ronda Rousey to a Fight in the WWE Ring

UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg Justino wants to get it on with retired MMA star Ronda Rousey, just not for real. It seems Cyborg wants to fight Ronda so bad, she’s willing to take a fake fight, just to get her hands on the hot retired MMA champion. Cyborg said on her site, “if Ronda Rousey wants to make the fight happen for the fans, I would be willing to give that fight to them. I think it would be better for it to take place in the WWE ring. For Ronda, it gets her one step closer to Hollywood and for me it would be another exciting challenge to test my athletic ability.”

This is quite a shock as fans have been waiting, seemingly forever, for the two women MMA stars to throw down in the octagon. That is a fantasy fight, that would surely be the biggest female fight ever. It now seems Cyborg has a feeling Ronda is retired for good in mixed martial arts, but not finished with the entertainment world. This means Ronda probably has a greater chance of doing a fake WWE fight with Cyborg than ever returning to the UFC.

However, Ronda’s trainer, Edmond Tarverdyan told “The MMA Hour” he wants Ronda to fight just one more time, against Cris Cyborg in the UFC. He went on to say he thinks there’s a 50/50 chance Ronda fights again, but no one knows for sure except Rousey.

Since Ronda retired, Cyborg (18-1) has taken her place as the baddest woman on the planet. Not only can she kick a*@, but most fighters run from her. While Ronda always promised to fight Cyborg, she was only going to do so at 135 pounds and was unwilling to go up for a catch weight fight at 140 pounds. Cyborg had to nearly kill herself to reach 140 pounds and many people within the MMA community felt like Ronda making this weight demand was just her way of ducking Cris Cyborg.

Now this is a new angle for Cyborg to fight Rousey, in a fake staged match. This is a great way for both fighters to stay in the limelight and make a huge payday. There is no way WWE matchmakers would let Rousey lose and Cyborg probably wouldn’t care. It would not affect her image as the most feared female MMA fighter on the planet and she could go back to the UFC and continue kicking a@* in the octagon.

Ronda has not fought since getting beaten down by Amanda Nunes in 2016. She has stayed out of the spotlight and gone underground. Her image as being unbeatable has taken a big hit. Her striking was always suspect and now unmasked to be full of holes after getting KOd by Nunes.

Even if Rousey has lost her edge and confidence, she can get it back by beating up on Cris in the WWE cage. If the event is on PPV and sells well, the WWE might sign Ronda to a huge multi-million deal.

For Cyborg, there’s just no-one in the UFC that can hang with her. She is so talented and tough, she needs to fight lightweight men just to get a challenging fight. Cyborg went on to say, “When I wanted to fight Ronda, it was because she was at the very top of her game. She didn’t have two losses on her record back then and people thought she could beat Floyd Mayweather in the octagon.  I wanted this fight so bad that I almost killed myself making the lowest weight possible, to make the fight for the fans, but she made every excuse for it to not happen. Now we are at different points in our careers and the Ronda Rousey chapter is finished.”

So far there has been no comment from Ronda Rousey about a possible WWE super fight with Cris Cyborg.