Cris Cyborg Punches Angela Magana & Might Face Jail Time


Cris Cyborg just might be the baddest woman on the planet. That means it might not be a good idea to talk smack about her, even if that smack might be true. Apparently Angela Magana has no fear or is just crazy because she has been ripping Cyborg in social media. It seems Cyborg didn’t find it too flattering. She met up with Angela in Las Vegas and let her fists socially connect.

Cyborg landed a couple clean shots on Angela before bystanders rushed in to prevent further pummeling. Angela was taken to a nearby Vegas hospital and diagnosed with an acute head injury. She decided to press charges which means Cyborg could face jail time. The UFC has issued a statement and is aware of the situation. If Cyborg does go to jail, it would be a death sentence for any inmate to mess with her.

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