Cub Swanson Gets the Win over Russian Artem Lobov


After a slow start, Cub Swanson started picking his punches over the Russian Artem Lobov.  Maybe he was a little nervous being such a huge favorite, or he just wanted to take his time and feel out the smaller Artem.  After the 2nd round, Cub got in his groove and landed kicks, jabs and upper hooks that wore down the smaller Lobov.

At one point the ref had to stop the contest and call in the doctors to check out Lobov’s eye.  There was a big gash that Cub opened up that was causing a lot of blood to bleed directly into Lobov’s eye.  When the bell rang after the 5th round, everyone in Nashville knew Cub Swanson won, but fight fans were also impressed with the heart of Artem Lobov.

So who is next for Swanson?  He says he wants a top 10 fight.  With a solid performance and his stock on the rise, look for Cub to get what he wants in the very near future.