Dana White Blasts Tyron Woodley After UFC 214 Cautious Performance Against Demian Maia


The one thing people like and don’t like about Dana White is he tells it like it is. After UFC 214 was over, Dana praised Jon Jones comeback fight against Daniel Cormier, Cyborg’s performance and Robbie Lawler, but then smiled when he mentioned the Woodley fight.

It wasn’t the kind of smile that endures feelings of an amazing fight. It was a smirk of disappointment that could be seen all over Dana’s face. He was interviewed after the event and said “he wished he had a remote control for Woodley and could press activate.”

What Dana gets and some fighters like Tyron fail to realize is the fight game is all about entertaining the fans. The fans are the ones who pay big money for seats and order the PPV. The UFC president wants his fighters taking risk and engaging their opponents. In Dana’s words, “no risk no reward.” White said later, “Tyron is not getting a shot at GSP (George Saint Pierre) after that performance.” Wow, you got to admit Dana has b#%@. Even though Tyron is the welterweight champ, Dana is going to put him on the back seat for now. That means no headlining “superfight” for the time being.

Woodley needs to take a step back now and think about his career and where he fits in with the UFC. If he wants the big money fights like McGregor and GSP gets, then he needs to give the fans what they want. That means engaging in the pocket and taking the fight to the opponent constantly.

One match-up that might be exciting would be Conor vs Woodley. Conor would 100% engage with Woodley. That fight would be one of the biggest challenges of McGregor’s career but a fight the notorious one might just might pursue. Tyron is stronger and quicker than McGregor but Conor has amazing counter punch striking and deadly accuracy. That fight, if it ever did happen, would have to be at 170 pounds. Tyron has to cut serious weight just to make 170 and probably could not make 155. Conor can go up to 170 but gives up a lot of size, probably about 20 pounds on fight night.

The good news for Woodley is he has the belt and he’s an amazing fighter. He just needs to give the fans what they want in his next bout and that’s constant fight action. Will he adjust his fighting style and take more risks or keep his conservative fighting style? That’s a big question that remains to be seen. Just don’t count on Tyron headlining any big UFC fights in the near future for now.