Dana White Expects Conor to Fight the Winner of Khabib vs Ferguson

Dana White gave the low down on Conor McGregor’s future and it’s exactly what fight fans want. While on vacation in Thailand, White said he is going to match Khabib Nurmagomedov agains Tony Ferguson, with the fight hopefully happening early this year. Then Conor will get the winner of that bout in March or later in the fall of 2018.

White, who for unknown reasons, was a no-show after the UFC 219 post fight press conference, did a Skype boat interview with Yahoo sports. He stated he’s working out a new deal with Conor and wants the mega-star back in the octagon this year. Dana also said he was blown away with Khabib’s performance, especially against one of the world’s best pound for pound strikers Edson Barbouza. You got the feeling White really wants a Conor vs Khabib mega-fight, that would sell multiple million PPV buys.

After Khabib’s brutal beat down of Barbouza, many mma fans think Conor would get killed inside the Octagon against the undefeated Russian. White, however, thinks Conor could be the guy to put a L in Khabib’s record. Dana went on to say “McGregor has proven over and over again that he can knockout anyone in his weight division.” While that might have been true a couple years ago, Khabib looks like a totally different opponent. The Russian took a nasty kick to his head and walked through it like he was bumped in line at Subway’s.

White then praised Khabib in the interview with Yahoo sports, “Nurmagomedov is a big star in the making, he’s a really scary guy.” Clearly the UFC is ready to give Khabib Nurmagomedov a title shot, but could it backfire? If Khabib completely destroys McGregor, will it be bad for the UFC and even worse for Conor’s image?

The UFC desperately needs star power after Jon Jones, Lesnar and other top PPV stars have been suspended. The other question is whether Conor will even come back at all. If he does, he’ll be facing the most talented and devastating fighters in his career and could easily get TKOd and lose his invincible aura. It’s time for Conor to step up to the challenge and get back to MMA and back up his talk.