George Saint Pierre in Full Training Mode Preparing for his UFC Comeback


Hardcore MMA fans are stoked that one of the legends of the sport is announcing his return.  We of course are talking about George Saint Pierre.  After a 3 year absence, GSP as he is known to fight fans around the world is back.  GSP left the fight game because he said he needed to rest his body and mind.  It appears in this  training video that he’s not only rested but at near 100% fighting form.

The native Canadian born fighter ended some long and protracted negotiating with the UFC.  The company confirmed that George has been signed to a new fight deal, confirmed by none other than Dana White himself.  With Conor McGregor going on a hiatus after his last win, the UFC is in much need of a superstar to bring in the PPV buys.  In the past year, Ronda Rousey has probably retired, Cain has serious back issues and Conor wants to go into boxing.  This drought of big names probably played well into GSPs negotiators.  The UFC needs GSP at this time just as much as GSP needs the UFC.

One big issue George Saint Pierre had with making a comeback was his belief that most of the fighters were using PEDs.  In the past couple years, the UFC has cracked down hard on cheating, adopting the strict USADA rules.  This is seen as a big plus for Pierre, who advocated for more stringent PED testing for years.

Maybe another reason why GSP came back was he was tired of Conor not only getting all attention, but generating multi-million dollar fights.  Conor’s swagger probably got beneath the skin of GSP, although the humble MMA fighter would surely not admit that.  GSP probably sat back and watched Conor’s rise and cockiness and said to himself, I can crush that little cocky dude and shut his Irish mouth up.

For the time being, GSP is scheduled to meet current 185 pound champ Michael Bisping later in 2017.  While this won’t be as big a fight as GSP vs Conor, it will be an amazing match-up.  Bisping is on a terror of late.  He’s beat Anderson Silva, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson and now has his eyes set on Saint Pierre.  This is a good match-up and a big challenge for the smaller GSP, who might have some serious ring rust coming back.  Bisping is full of confidence and in a fighting groove of late, with a strong belief he can tear apart Saint Pierre.

GSP really has no weaknesses and can not only strike with Bisping, but take the Manchester fighter to the ground and inflict some serious ground and pound.  George looks fresh in sparring sessions.  He appears to have the fire back and the desire to fight.  He will need it against Michael Bisping.  GSP is still in his prime and could possibly hold the 185 middleweight belt and the 170 welterweight belt.

If he gets past Michael Bisping, a crazy match-up for GSP would be to fight Tyron Woodley at 170.  Tyron has the quicker hands, but GSP’s ground game could dominate Woodley and give him the belt.  Whatever happens in the next few months will be interesting.  It will be just awesome to see GSP enter the octagon once again.