Dana White Expects Mega Payouts for the Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Fight


A few months ago Dana White got on the Colin Cowherd show and offered Floyd Mayweather $25 Million to fight Conor McGregor. Everyone, myself included, knew Floyd would laugh at that offer.  This is a guy who made almost 10 times that for the Manny Pacquiao fight.  Floyd Mayweather might not be a physicist, but he seems to know his value a little better than Dana does.

Money Mayweather also seems to know a little something about promotions.  He knows that Conor McGregro is one of the greatest promoters ever and a fight between the brash Ireland UFC fighter and Floyd could break PPV numbers around the world.  As usual Floyd just sat back and waited for the offer to climb higher.  It seems it has climbed a lot higher.

Now, UFC president Dana White is giving Mayweather “A SIDE” dollars.  Dana again went on “The Herd” fox show, but this time threw out some more appealing numbers Floyd’s way.  He told Colin Cowherd that he estimates MAyweather could make more than $100 million from the fight and Conor around $75 million.  That is a 400% increase over his previous offer to Floyd of $25 Mill.

White went on to clarify, “It depends on how well the fight sells.”  If it sells like I think I can, then Floyd makes $100 Million plus.  White says they are not that far into negotiations, but thinks the fight will happen.  Dana is currently waiting for Conor to welcome his new born baby and then will meet with the Ireland superstar to nail down a contract for the fight.  Dana wants to approach Conor first, because he’s under contract with the UFC and those talks should go smoother.  Once Conor agrees to terms, then it should be easier for the UFC to get Floyd Mayweather to agree to the fight.

Dana White keeps stating, “the fight really doesn’t make sense for the UFC, but we want to do if for Conor.”  I  think everyone knows that those tsunami PPV buys make total sense for the UFC.  Some people predict the fight could do over $500 million, which would be a mega cash windfall for the UFC.  It also gives the UFC unmatched media attention from around the world.  That media exposure to the UFC could bode well for future MMA events.

White feels like he owes Conor a favor after he stepped up and in the octagon to save several shows.  McGregor is pulling in staggering PPV buys for the UFC and in Dana’s mind, this is a way of paying Conor back.  As for Conor, he must be living in a fantasy world.  In the last few years, he’s gone from food stamps, to possibly a $75 million fight with the #1 pound for pound boxer in the world.  That doesn’t suck!

Previously, McGregor’s biggest payday was $3 million.  Does Conor want the Mayweather fight for money, or to expose his brand around the world and build out his own promotion?  Conor, in recent days told the LA Times the fight was “close to happening” with a target date of September. 2017  If this fight does happen, it could be the biggest in the history of combat sports and die-hard fight fans from both MMA and boxing will watch.

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