Dana White Only Wants one Crossover Fight

Dana White is one of the best, if not the best fight promoters in the world.  He also is a man that is about making some serious money.  In the case of Floyd Mayweather and a first ever crossover fight with 155 pound champ Conor McGregor, we are talking about some serious, mega dollars.  That seems to be the main motivation on getting the fight done.  Dana has worked his tail off for 14 years getting the UFC

to be the top combat sport in the world.  Back in 2003, no-one thought MMA would supplant boxing, ever.  Well, the UFC has done just that and has the PPV and dollars to back it up.

Now, Dana White is doing something the promotion has never done before, put a top UFC fighter against a top boxer, with boxing rules.  Back in 2010, Randy Couture destroyed James Toney in a couple minutes with ease.  He just took a low leg take down and choked the helpless former world champion boxer, in what looked like a back room warm-up session.  Now the roles are reversed.  Conor McGregor will step into Floyd’s world of boxing and attempt to go toe to toe with the 49-0 undefeated champ.

Dana White, after initially doubting the fight would ever happen, is now trying to make the fight a reality.  White wants the UFC’s first crossover boxing fight to be its last.  The problem is, not surprisingly, the money thing.  The UFC has been accused of underpaying its fighters for years, with many top athletes making so little money, they had to take part-time jobs just to make it.  Now, with a contracted UFC fighter eyeing a $25 million, up to $100,000,000 payday, it is no surprise other UFC stars want in on the big-time cash payouts.  Dana White wants to calm the chatter, with a promise that this will be the only crossover fight the UFC will ever promote.  Stars like Anderson Silva want to fight former champ Roy Jones  on the card and contender Jimi Manuwa also wants in.  White wants to slow things down and have all the UFC fighters focus on MMA , because there will be no further boxing crossovers.

Whether the mega-bout between MMA’s biggest star and Floyd Mayweather will ever happen remains an uncertainty.  What is certain is this, if it does, it will be the biggest money making fight the world has ever seen.