Dana White is Trying to Get the McGregor Mayweather Deal Finalized


Every fight fan wants the crossover fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to become a reality. Some predict it will be the biggest fight of all time and could generate north of $500 million in PPV buys.  There’s just one big problem: a deal has not been signed.

Floyd Mayweather takes his time and does things his way.  With the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, those negotiations dragged on for years.  When the fight finally happened, both fighters were no longer in their primes. The bout was kind of boring but still did hundreds of millions.

This time around, Floyd is 40 years old and is playing the same game of wait and see.  Dana White claims he is doing everything possible to make the fight happen, but it will surely boil down to Floyd signing, not Conor delaying things.

Conor has nothing to lose in the Mayweather fight.  All he has to do is look good and connect with Floyd a couple times.  If he just stuns Floyd with his powerful left, that would be a small victory.  Conor also wants the big payday. He has only been getting big money fights for about 3 years now and has never made more than $10 million for a fight.  The Mayweather fight could push his payday to potentially $100 million, or more.  This in and of itself is motivation for Conor to make the fight happen.

Floyd on the other hand has never lost.  He just needs 1 more win to go 50-0.  That is an incredible legacy that he doesn’t want to tarnish.  Although the fight would be a boxing match and Conor has no professional experience, anything can happen in a fight.  With Conor’s power, one punch could put away Floyd, although very unlikely.  This is boxing though, not MMA.  The professional boxing analysts think the fight will be over in 2 rounds or less.  They don’t think Floyd will even get touched.

Dana White, president of the UFC says he is still doing his best to make the fight happen.  If it does go down, it will be one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history.

I already did it
I already did it

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