Daniel Cormier gets a little Nasty Calling Out Jon Jones


Daniel Cormier wants a fight bad and he wants it with Jon Jones.  After submitting Rumble Johnson for the 2nd time, Daniel played with the crowd after the fight.  He wants the Jon Jones rematch more than any other fight in his career, but he wants Jones to suffer a bit.

DC wants Jones to feel humiliated, to beg him for the fight.  He also wants Jones to know that he’s the current light-heavyweight champion and plans on remaining on top for a long time.  He is obsessed with beating Bones Jones. Daniel wants to throw down and give Jones the beating he’s never had.

DC has been on a role lately, destroying everyone in the 205 pound division.  His only blemish on a sterling fight career is Jones.  Daniel is not getting any younger at 38 and believes he is now at his peak.  DC thinks he was cheated out of millions at UFC 200 and that burns in his soul.  Jones needs to suffer for taking PEDs and causing the UFC 200 rematch to be cancelled.   He wants his money back and the only way to get it is to face off with Jones. If he beats Jones, there could be a rubber match waiting and another big multi-million dollar payday.

This is a fight that makes sense not only for DC, but for the UFC.  With Conor McGregor taking a break from MMA, the UFC needs a big rivalry and PPV draw. With Jones coming back this summer, the logical mega-fight is a bout with Cormier.  That is the fight everyone wants to see and it could do 1 million PPV buys or more.

With a win over Jones, Daniel Cormier could cement his legacy as one of the greatest MMA fighters ever.  So when will the fight happen?  It will probably go down later this summer of early fall.  When it does, you can be assured it will be an all out war.