Should Daniel Cormier be Ranked #1 in the 205 Light Heavyweight Division or Jon Jones?

Despite Daniel Cormier being the underdog for some crazy reason in his last fight at UFC 210, he pretty much whooped Rumble Johnson like he said he would.  It seems Daniel Cormier can’t get the respect he deserves.  After all, fighting both as a heavyweight and light-heavyweight, the world class wrestler has only lost once to Jon Jones.  In that fight, way back at UFC 182, Cormier held his own and some people even think he won that fight.

Even though Cormier is now 38 and Jon Jones is right in his prime at 29, Daniel has surged the last couple years.  Jon Jones has, well gone totally flat.  He got suspended for a hit and run accident involving a pregnant lady, yelled profanity laced insults at a traffic cop and then had a dull performance against lowly ranked Saint Preux.

This begs the question, who is the current #1 top ranked fighter in the world at 205?  I would put my money on Daniel Cormier.  He looked sharper in his last fight against Rumble Johnson than Jones did fighting Preux.  Now, everyone wants to know when the rematch against these two fighters will take place.

Recently Daniel Cormier seemed to downplay an immediate rematch with Jones.  It seems he wants Jones to suffer a bit and slowly earn his way back to a title shot.  To many though that might be an act, because a rematch could mean huge dollar signs, not only for the UFC but for Daniel Cormier.  In their previously scheduled match-up at UFC 200, Cormier missed out on a once in a lifetime payday.  Brock Lesnar was on that card, which made for a million plus PPV buy.  Daniel was going to get his share of those huge PPV dollars and he ended up fighting Anderson Silva for a lower figure.  That night still burns in Daniel’s heart.  He is still enraged that Jon Jones took money away from his family.

In the now famous video, Dana White had to break the news to Daniel backstage that Bones Jones tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.  This caused Daniel to nearly smash a hole in the floor and no doubt cause more bitterness towards Jones.  Cormier wanted to do two things that night at UFC 200.  The first was to get revenge and beat Jon Jones.  The second was to make his first $1 million for a UFC fight.  Jon Jones took that away and now Daniel is on a mission to stay on top of the UFC light heavyweight division.

So who is now #1 in the lightweight division?  I say Daniel Cormier has the edge.  He should be the true #1.  When Jones comes back from suspension, he should be ranked #2 or perhaps even #3 behind Alexander Gustafsson.  The real 205 champ will be determined when the UFC finally makes the much anticipated rematch finally happen.  That will no doubt come in 2017 if Jones can stay clean and Cormier healthy.