Should Diego Sanchez Retire Now?


In one of the most brutal knockouts of the new year, Al Iaquinta sent Diego Sanchez sleeping.  It was so bad, Al just seemed to pause, with his fist out in front of Sanchez face and telegraphed the TKO.  This begs the question, should Diego Sanchez now retire?  His peak seems to have come and gone years ago and this fight was just a total beat down.

Before the fight, Al said his technical striking was far superior to Diego Sanchez.  That proved the case, with a near perfect display of combinations and a set-up knockout that crumbled the long time UFC fighter Sanchez.  There are several questions to ask here.  Has Diego Sanchez suffered too much damage over the years, that his body is now falling apart?  It looks sort of like Chuck Liddell the last couple years before he retired, when guys he would have stomped in his prime were knocking him out.

Now, there seems to be no upside for Diego.  Friends and fans are worried about him sustaining more damage in the octagon that could lead to long-term health problems.  MMA is a brutal sport and those knockouts and concussions add up over the long run.  All you have to do is look at guys like Gary Goodridge, who now has CTE and dementia.  Maybe this fight will be Diego’s last and he should bow out with a loss, but respect from fight fans around the world.

As for Al Iaquinta, he gave one weird post-fight interview.  When asked who he wanted next, he didn’t really call anyone out.  Instead, he went on to promote his real estate service and told anyone looking to buy or sell a house to “hit him up.”  This surely won’t go over well with Dana White and the brass over at the UFC.  Maybe though Al will get a big fight and focus all his energy on his burgeoning UFC career.  With a dominant win over Diego Sanchez, perhaps a top 10 fight is in the works.