Drug Paraphernalia Found in Conor McGregor’s Hotel Room

There are some wild stories coming out of Liverpool about Conor McGregor’s smashing parties.  The latest rumors involve drug paraphernalia being found in his hotel room, after an all night bender.  Say it ain’t so Conor.  Perhaps McGregor has been spending too much time in Vegas hanging out with Mike Tyson.

Conor has steadfastly proclaimed that he is not a party hard type of dude and stays away from drugs.  Well times might be a changing. After looking like a Detroit pimp at a horse race in Aintree, Conor started partying around the local scene.  He dropped in at several crazy house parties.  He literally climbed up a tree at one joint and squatted in a tree house.  He looked so pale that even some of his associates asked him to slow the partying down.

Now word is coming out that Conor totally thrashed an expensive hotel room in Aintree.  According to the Sun paper, “Conor caused several thousand of dollars worth of damage.”  It was so bad that Conor had to hire a cleaning crew to come in and professionally clean-up the mess.  The source that witnessed the carnage said there were broken bottles of booze laying about and cigarette burns all over.

The most shocking find was canisters of nitrous  oxide laying about.  That is some serious drug stuff strewn about if true, but there is no evidence that Conor actually participated in any drug use.

Conor McGregor would be stupid to get involved with drugs facing a potential $100 million boxing payout with Floyd Mayweather.  With USADA random drug testing, we will find out soon enough if Conor is clean.  As for the Floyd fight, Conor says, “things are going in the right direction.” Lets hope so.

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