Fedor’s Little Brother Alexander Emelianenko Released from Jail & Plans MMA Return


MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko was released from jail, after serving just 17 months of a 4.5 year sentence. Fedor’s little brother was found guilty in a Moscow court of sexual assault, kidnapping, and forcing his victim to take narcotics. The judge ordered Alexander to two additional years of probation, which includes “correctional labor.” I guess this means we can see Alexander picking up trash on the side of Russian highways for the next couple years.

The MMA heavyweight fighter drugged and demanded sexual favors from his young housekeeper, Polina Stepanova. She said Alexander took her passport and used verbal threats to coerce her into performing sexual acts. Emelianenko was arrested but claimed all of the sexual acts were consensual. The judge wasn’t buying his story and slammed down a four and a half year sentence on Fedor’s little brother.  Now Polina is fearful Alexander may retaliate in some way.

A 17 month sentence for rape might seem like a joke in the U.S. but the Russian criminal justice system is very different than the U.S.  Apparently Russian officials think Alexander is rehabilitated and won’t rape again. A similar charge in a U.S. court could get the perp 20 years to life in a maximum prison.

Alexander seems to be the black sheep of the Emelianenko family.  He has had several run-ins with police, including assaulting a 63 year-old man in a Moscow cafe. Big brother Fedor is a choir boy compared to his little brother Alexander.  Fedor is married, religious and hangs out with President Putin. This good boy behavior apparently did not rub off on the younger bro.

Rumor is Alexander wants to return to fighting as soon as possible.  He will most likely be fighting in smaller Russian shows until his parole is up. One Russian promotion, Moscow based EFN, might be willing to look the other way and sign Emilianenko. If they do give him a fight, it will be the first time a convicted rapist gets a MMA contract. It looks like that’s his only option for the foreseeable future, because he will most likely not be granted a U.S. travel visa nor ever get a contract from the UFC or Bellator.  Time will tell if Alexander redeems himself inside and outside of the ring.

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