Floyd Mayweather Calls Donald Trump a Real Man

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to controversy and that includes politics. Back in 2016, during the presidential race, Floyd was spotted meeting future pres Donald Trump. Now Floyd recently discussed with Hollywood Unlocked how he feels about the controversial president and the crazy “locker room” talk spewed from then candidate Trump. The media called for Trump to drop out of the race once the comments were aired about “grabbing women by the P#$@sy and other outrageous comments.

Now Mayweather has made some controversy of his own, commenting on Trump’s explicit Access Hollywood tape and coming to the defense of Trump.  The Money man had this to say, “People really don’t like the truth. He spoke like a real man speaks. Real men speak like that, Man, she’s got a fat A#@.and so on.  I gotta grab that fat As#. Right? Yah Trump is talking locker room talk. ‘I am the man, you know what I am saying.’ Do you know who I am, yeah I grabbed her As#, and?

Floyd did not go far to say he and Donald Trump are friends, but mentioned he could call him whenever he wanted to. Mayweather then said he needs to “find out what’s going on” with the President and relay that message to everyone else.

This isn’t the first time Mayweather has caused controversy by siding with Trump. Late last year, a photo of Floyd hanging with Donald at Trump Tower in New York caused a lot of controversy. Hey, game recognized game and these are two of the biggest ballers on earth. They speak the same language, money. Floyd has made it no secret he wants to become a billionaire one day and seeks out business advice from not only Trump but other mega rich guys like Warren Buffet.

In further support, Mayweather attended the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC. Floyd said he just wanted to support the next president and made it clear it wasn’t because he was friends with Trump. He said, “I just wanted to say I did it one time in my life, it really did not matter who the president was. I just wanted to be there, be a part of it and to see how it is.”

Mayweather did go on to explain a few things he does support Trump on, specifically how rich people are treated. Floyd has been on the hot seat for his continual issues with the IRS. It seems Floyd just hates writing out 8 figure checks to Uncle Sam.

When Floyd Money Mayweather starts talking taxes, he gets real. He said, “A lot of the times, it’s   ‘man, it’s not going to affect us.’ My man, if you are not making $400, $500, $600 million, it’s not going to affect you no [bleeping] way. It is only going to affect somebody like me. I am the dude that should be tripping, paying out $34 million, $25 million, $26 million. I should be tripping about that! But guess what I’m saying? ‘It is alright. It is what it is.’”

Floyd thinks President Trump is getting a bad rap for the most part.  He wants everyone to worry about their own problems and not what Trump can do for them. This includes Trump’s controversial comments recently in Charlottesville and about ending DACA. As surprising as it might sound, Mayweather thinks people should not worry too much about Trump.

Floyd went on to make his point clear, “A lot of the time, we spend too much time talking about and worrying about other people’s business instead of worrying about our own. I got to where I got to and it’s easy. I make millions and millions of dollars on a daily basis and I do it by focusing on Floyd Mayweather.”

Don’t count on Floyd ever running for office one day but I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw him on the Forbes 400 list soon.