Floyd Mayweather Chills In The Turks and Caicos While Considering a UFC Fight With McGregor

Floyd Mayweather is retired, but maybe not for long. The 41 year old undefeated boxing champ posted a laidback photo chilling in the Turks and Caicos. He was surrounded by the usual, gorgeous women wearing almost nothing.

Rumors have been circulating that Mayweather is close to signing a deal with the UFC, that could see him face-off against McGregor in the octagon. Floyd has stated repeatedly that he is retired, but with a 9 figure payday a sure thing, he might just come back. At 41, Mayweather knows there’s only so many mega-paydays left. A fight with Conor could net the “Money Man” over $250 Million. That’s reason enough to get in a cage and scrap under UFC rules.

Mayweather said if he does comeback it will be with the UFC but the moneys gotta be right. With reports stating Floyd spends up to $2 million per week, he might just need the money. A MMA fight with Conor would be the biggest fight in the UFC ever, with PPV buys in the millions. Now, Mayweather seems content to keep everyone waiting and chill with hot women all over the world.