Floyd Mayweather is Desperate for the Conor Fight after getting Scammed Again

Rumor has it Floyd Mayweather does not make the best financial decisions in the world.  Despite making hundreds of millions during his illustrious 20 year boxing career, Floyd has an insatiable appetite for more and more money.  It seems the boxer wants to become a billionaire as fast as possible.  After watching Michael Jordan become the first athlete who has a net worth of a billion or more, Floyd wants in on the exclusive Billionaire club.

Now dreaming and thinking big is cool, but you have to also be smart.  The latest rumor is Floyd was scammed out of at least 8 figures and desperately needs the Conor fight to make up for the lost money.  Michael Bisping, the current UFC 185 pound champ, recently chimed in and stated Floyd has big financial problems.  Bisping went on a podcast and explained that the word in Vegas is Floyd needs Conor more than Conor needs Mayweather, because he’s been scammed some major zeros, as in more than $10 Million.  Bisping stated, “I was talking to someone in Vegas and heard that Floyd Mayweather got scammed out of a lot of money.”  He then went on to say, “yah the money he got scammed out of was very, vey big.”

While the fight appears to be happening, no contract has been signed yet and there is no official fight date.  While Floyd Mayweather has proclaimed he is the A side, he might be in a desperate situation with all the money problems and become the B side.  The UFC holds all the cards to the fight realistically.  If Floyd wants to eventually get a deal done, he will be forced to play by the UFC’s rules, if he wants that big payday.  The UFC will certainly want a big peace of the PPV dollars, which will mean a smaller cut for Mayweather Promotions.  We should not feel too sorry for Floyd just yet.  He still stands to make $100 million for the fight, or even more if it sells well all over the world.  After taxes and paying his staff, Floyd plans to bank about $55 million.  Now that is some serious dough, but who knows, he could get majorly scammed again.

Back in 2008, during the financial crisis, Floyd apparently had to come out of retirement after another scam.  According to his personal assistant of 12 years, Tasha Robinson White, Mayweather was scammed out of an astonishing $15,000,000 back then.  Apparently Mayweather met this smooth talking guy called “Three comma Joe,” and he took Floyd for 10 digits.  Tasha went into detail in her book that three comma Joe told Floyd he could turn his $15 million into $5 Billion.  Now that would make Joe the greatest investor of all time, because that’s over a 300X return.

Floyd should have known that those returns are all but impossible, especially coming from a guy with a name 3 comma Joe.  It seems Floyd Mayweather got sucked in and bought the hype.  He wired three comma Joe the money in 2008.  Shortly thereafter, you guessed it, the guy disappeared with Floyd’s $15 million and the boxer was left with a 100% loss.

You would think after getting burned in a huge scam once that it would never happen again, but Floyd might just be in financial trouble again in 2017 after yet another scam.  Lets hope that if Floyd makes another $100 million in the upcoming Conor McGregor fight, he will stick it in some basic investments and not get scammed again.