Floyd Mayweather Opens The Girl Collection Club in Las Vegas


Las Vegas has about as many strip clubs as Hotels.  That didn’t stop retired boxer Floyd Mayweather from opening up his own club. The boxing champ, who has held titles in 5 divisions, is venturing into the adult nightclub scene with the purchase of the former Sheri’s Cabaret club.


No word on why Mayweather decided to name it the Girl Collection, but he has been spotted all over the world collecting female friends. The club is located at 2580 South Highland Drive, which is near the northern part of the Las Vegas strip, about a mile from the Stratosphere Hotel. The entertainers will be topless, so alcohol will be served.

According to Floyd’s attorney, Shane Emerick, he has already been granted the proper work cards and licenses. Floyd has a big reputation for spending large sums at strip clubs and making it rain, well more like hurricane dollar bills thundering down by the thousands. Mayweather has been dropping hints about the clubs opening on Instagram, “I’m just a few months away from opening up my very own strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada called @GirlCollection. Despite having previous legal troubles, including several arrests, Floyd had no problem getting approved. Apparently Las Vegas city officials understand very well that Floyd brings business to the local economy and want to keep him happy.

The previous owners of the spot, Sheri’s Cabaret, had difficulty keeping up with the ever increasing Las Vegas strip clubs that served alcohol. Sheri’s, being an all nude club could not serve any alcohol beverages, per Nevada law. Mayweather dropped $20,000 on a origination fee plus a $800 club fee, which is due every 6 months. That is less than what Floyd normally drops on a single night at most clubs.

Strip clubs have been struggling in Vegas since the recession. Sheri’s Cabaret has been one of the big casualties. The 6,000 square-foot property had been listed for sale at $2.9 million for a while.  No word if Floyd paid that full amount or negotiated for a lower price. Floyd intends to open the club as a high end destination for discriminating party-goers.  The Girl Collection will feature exclusive VIP rooms with TVs and high-end private areas upstairs.

Opening a strip club is one of many moves Floyd has been making since he announced his retirement. With his international star power, he will surely bring in some celebrity friends and promote the Girl Collection around the world. He should have no problem recruiting beautiful top talent dancers. After all, most could make a decent living just off the generous tips Floyd passes out. Check out the Girl Collection and tell us what you think of Money Mayweather’s new club.

I already did it
I already did it

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