Floyd Money Mayweather Drops Hint of Conor Rematch

Here we go again. Could there really be a Mayweather vs McGregor ll? Is Floyd Mayweather already getting the itch to get back in the ring and school Conor again, after only being retired for two months? Is anyone even surprised? Does Conor want to get back in the ring or the octagon? It seems Floyd just can’t resist the almighty dollar and a chance to make an easy quarter B, as in billion.

Now, via Mayweather’s instagram account, we see Mayweather training… with groin padding strapped on, going all out. What the F*&$ is Floyd doing in the gym if he’s retired? Floyd has insisted over and over again the past few months that he is 100% retired. Now he posts some recent videos on Instagram training hard. Every post Floyd puts up has meaning to it and a calculated message. This one is no different. People are speculating that there might just be some secret negotiations going on between Mayweather’s camp and McGregor’s for a mega money rematch.

The reality is the fight with Conor Mcgregor went off just as “Money Mayweather” expected, with Floyd banking an estimated $300,000,000. That was almost 3 times what Michael Jordan earned in his entire career and Floyd made that in 1 freaking night. Mayweather also shook the image of being a boring fighter that could never deliver the big TKO. Floyd delivered one of his most exciting, if not the most entertaining fight of his 21 year career knocking out Conor McGregor. Mayweather delivered as promised, a TKO victory and retired (or so he says) with a perfect 50-0 record.

Less than two months after their mega-fight, could a re-match really be in the works? Don’t count out Mayweather McGregor 2. This is why. This was the biggest payday in Mayweather’s career and also one of the easiest fights he’s ever had. Both Floyd and Conor came out with what they wanted. Floyd got the TKO and Conor looked better than expected the first few rounds. The money was absolutely insane. Why wouldn’t both fighters want that again?

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The UFC is currently struggling with several top stars like Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar out indefinitely. The UFC needs a big fight and some much needed cash infusion. This fight is good for all parties involved. As for Conor, why would he risk getting beat with a tough match-up with the UFCs Tony Ferguson? He would make 10% of what he’d make fighting Mayweather and many pros think he’d lose against Ferguson.

If Conor, by some miracle beats Floyd in a rematch, he could set the table for a trilogy fight that could pay him close to $300 million. So there you have it. The rumor is out. Secret talks are going on between Floyd – Conor and a possible rematch is in the works. Floyd after all has never stayed retired for long and he loves big money. Who could resist 300 million for a nights work?