Floyd Money Mayweather Gets TKO Stoppage Over Conor McGregor


In one of the biggest hyped fights of all time, the world of MMA and boxing collided Saturday night in Las Vegas. After months of trash talk and predictions by both fighters, it went down in one of the most entertaining fights in years. As so many boxing analysts predicted, Floyd “Money” Mayweather came out on top with a TKO victory in the 10th round, but it was one close battle for the few few rounds.

Mayweather seemed to employ a “rope a dope” style the first 4 or 5 rounds. McGregor was the aggressor early on and Floyd took more shots than he threw. Some people thought Floyd wouldn’t even get touched but the Irish fighter landed some powerful shots that had Floyd’s fans worried.

Floyd looked like a different fighter, coming off a two year layoff. At 40 years old, it was hard to tell if it was ring rust or age, but a lot of his shots were missing and a lot of Conor’s were connecting. By the 6th round, many people had Conor ahead in the fight. This was embarrassing for what some consider to be TBE – the greatest ever. After all, this was the first professional boxing match for Conor. His record was 0-0. Many thought Floyd would knock him out in the first round. Some thought Conor would get TKOd in less than 1 minute. It didn’t happen. The cocky McGregor stood toe to toe with Floyd and showed impressive movement and landed some heavy punches.

By the 8th round however, Conor started showing signs of fatigue. His hands were dropping more and he didn’t have the same movement. Floyd picked up his offensive action and began to attack Conor. By the last few seconds of the 9th round, Conor was on wobbly legs and Mayweather was close to knocking him out. Conor said he was prepared to go 12 rounds, but that clearly wasn’t the case. The 10th round was all Floyd. He connected at will, shoved Conor backwards at will, and went in for the kill. With Conor being held up by the ropes, referee Robert Byrd stepped and called the fight. Mayweather moved into retirement with a perfect 50-0 record, with 27 knockouts.

This was the fight the world had been asking for. One of the top MMA strikers against one of the best boxers on the planet. Most people think it was a win win for both sports. Conor showed he could compete against and even win rounds against one of the best boxers to ever live. On the other hand, Mayweather, at 40 years old proved he still has it, even though he took his time before kocking out the MMA star. Floyd had this to say after the bout, “He’s a lot better than I thought he was,” He used different angles. He was a tough competitor, but I was the better man tonight.” Floyd had nothing but positive things to say to Conor after the bout. He praised him repeatedly, “We talked about how he’s a tough competitor, and I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see. I chose a hell of a dance partner to dance with. Conor McGregor, you are a hell of a champion.”

Now Floyd Mayweather plans to retire and go out with not only a perfect record, but upwards of a $300 million payout. If the PPV numbers come in at around 5 million, it could shatter all boxing records. To put that in contrast with other top athletes, Michael Jordan played in the NBA for 16 years and made about $93 million, minus endorsements of course. Floyd is the top earning athlete in the world and this last payday may never be broken.

Conor is also set to receive a mega 9 figure payday, which should top $100,000,000. Now the question is this. Will Conor will go back to MMA and fight for a few million after becoming so rich, so fast? George Saint Pierre retired after earning over $10 million. He just didn’t have the same desire and will anymore. Will Conor want to fight or be as hungry now after this huge payday? True fighters love to fight and I put my bets on Conor to return to the UFC and dominate once again.