Frank Mir gets 2 year Suspension After Testing Positive for PEDs on Multiple Tests

Long time UFC fighter Frank Mir has been handed down a 2 year suspension by the USADA.  Frank, 38, tested positive for DHCMT which is a form of testosterone.  This test was conducted on March 20th 2016 at the UFC Fight Night in Australia.  Under the UFCs new anti-doping rules, DHCMT testosterone is a banned substance and subject to suspension.

The UFC has in recent years began a strict program of testing, using the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)  guidelines to clean up the sport.  This has resulted in numerous high profile fighters; including Frank Mir, Anderson Silva and most recently Jon Jones testing positive for banned substances.

It looks as though Frank will not have his suspension reduced.  Further tests using new more advanced detection methods, showed his system has other banned WADA substances.  Old samples given to the USADA by Mir that once tested negative have been retested and shown to be positive for testosterone.  Frank Mir’s suspension began on April 8th 2016.  He will not be eligible for reinstatement until April of 2018.  No word yet if Frank decides to appeal the USADA recent findings.

The UFC has invested millions in attempts to clean up the sport, often times hurting mega events.  The goal is to show the UFC athletes that taking banned substances will not be tolerated and they can’t get away with cheating.  The USADA administers year-round testing to all UFC fighters.  It’s goal is to be unbiased and to provide an even playing field for all fighters in the UFC.  As the testing methods have gotten superior to the fighters ability to cheat, it now just does not make any sense, for any UFC fighter to try and get away with taking performance enhancing banned substances.  Hopefully in the years to come, suspensions for PEDs will be a thing of the past.

I already did it
I already did it

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