Should Gerard Mousasi Get a Title Shot?



All Gerard Mousasi wants is a little respect.  After all, the Iranian born fighter has been tearing through the UFC’s middleweight division. He has impressive wins over Vitor Belfort and most recently Chris Weidman.  He now wants headlining, big money fights.  Gerard, 42-6-2 just doesn’t think he is getting the respect nor money that he deserves.

His last fight against Chris Weidman in Buffalo New York ended in controversy in the 2nd round.  Some people think Chris could have recovered and dominated Gerard, while others feel Mousasi won the fight within the rules.  It was the last fight on Mousasi’s UFC contract.

With impressive wins and a growing fan base, the UFC would be crazy not to sign him to a new deal. He went on to say post fight, “I want to stay with the UFC, it is my top choice, but I need a contract that pays me.”  He then got frustrated,  going through a list of fighters he’s defeated.  “I’ve beat Jacare Souza, Mark Hunt, Dan Henderson, Belfort and now Weidman.  Who else do they want me to beat to get paid.  All the guys I fought and beat get paid more money than me.  I don’t get it.  What is the problem.  My Iranian nationality, my hair color.  Should I dye my hair blond.”

You could clearly see the frustration boiling over for Mousasi.  He feels he’s one of the best fighters in the UFC, but is paid like a new fighter just coming into the organization.  He has a point.  Fighters that have proven themselves against top 5 fighters and won should be paid like a top 5 fighter.  Mousasi says he wants to stay with the UFC.  He just wants to be paid fairly, like the other fighters he’s faced.  He then stated, “I am not asking for more than what I deserve, just pay me what I am worth.  You think I can’t beat Michael Bisping.  What is it, I can’t talk like him.  I speak English.”

It seems the fight with Weidman has left some with doubts.  The knees to Weidman at first were ruled illegal, but later determined to be clean strikes.  The “Dreamcatcher” got the much needed TKO though.  Now he wants some respect and a new contract.  Will the UFC give Weidman a re-match with Mousasi or should the “Dreamcatcher” get a shot at the middleweight title?  One thing is for sure, Mousasi is clearly not afraid of Michael Bisping.

For now, Bisping is headed for a super fight showdown with GSP.  If he wins that fight, perhaps Mousasi will get a title shot.  If he does, he will fight for more respect and that is a dangerous thing for his opponent.  Mousasi matches up well with Michael Bisping.  He can out strike the British fighter and should be able to take Bisping down at will.  Lets also not forget the X factor.  That’s simply Mousasi being pissed about not getting the respect he deserves.  If he ever gets a UFC title shot, he will surely be sending a message to whoever he faces.

That is a very scary thing.

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