Holly Holm Blasts Bethe Correia with a Perfect High Kick to End the Fight


We all know Holly Holm is a vicious striker, with amazing knockout power in both her hands and legs. She proved it again in her recent fight with Bethe Correia, that it makes absolutely no sense to stand in front of her.  In the first few minutes, Holly took her time feeling out the Brazilian and then slowly picked her apart.

One of the things that Holly utilizes to keep her opponents on the outside is the front leg kick to the knee. She’s trained a lot with Jon Jones, who is the master at front leg kicks and Hollys really implemented this into her fight game. The front leg kick can also be a set-up for a high kick and that’s exactly how Holly took out Bethe. She dropped Correia with a near perfect kick and then finished her off with a nasty face punch, that sent her sleeping. Holly Holm is at the top of her game and is still improving with each fight.