Jon Jones Lands a Nasty High Kick & TKOs Daniel Cormier at UFC 214


This rematch between UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier and former champ Jon Jones seemed like it would never happen. It was hundreds of days in the making and everyone was skeptical that it would ever go down. At UFC 200 Jon “Bones” Jones was pulled at the last minute after testing positive for PEDs. That gave him a one year suspension. Then we all know about Jones personal problems and partying.

This time around Jon Jones had his S#%@ together and was 100% focused during camp and stayed out of trouble. He tested clean and fought nasty, really nasty. As fight fans, we all asked, can the real Jon Jones stand up. At UFC 214 in Anaheim, Jones stood tall and dropped a high kick on Daniel. That vicious kick sent Cormier silly faced into the cage and stumbling onto the ground. From that point, it was inevitable that Jones beat down his biggest adversary with elbows to Daniel’s head.

Cormier was so out of it he started grappling with the ref after the stoppage. Then he started yelling at Dana White, complaining about a short stoppage. Daniel Cormier has a heart of a lion but met the better fighter Saturday night. While Cormier constantly moved forward, he had a hellish time getting inside on the taller Jones and landing any significant punches. Jones also kept Daniel away with relentless front leg and knee kicks that took their toll.

Cormier suffered his first ever TKO loss and it was humiliating. The proud fighter could be seen crying after the fight and even into the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Cormier wanted this win probably more than an Olympic medal. He wanted to beat Jones and prove to the world he is the best light heavyweight on the planet. Now, he must concede that Jones is the true champion and the baddest MMA fighter of all time.

Now the question is if a third fight will ever happen? Will Cormier fight again or retire? He surely feels like s&#@ after pouring almost 2 years of his life into this rematch, only to lose via TKO. At almost 40, Cormier probably doesn’t have any more time left to be a champion again, as long as Jones is in the same weight class. He should hang his head high though, knowing he gave it his best. It wasn’t his night and at this point, perhaps Jones is in the head of Cormier now. Confidence is a huge mental tool in the fight game and something Daniel has surely lost some of. Hopefully D.C makes a big comeback and everyone would love to see a trilogy down the road.

I already did it
I already did it

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