Jon Jones Promotes Use of Male Enhancement Pills

Jon Jones does not seem to regret the use of male enhancement pills.  On a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, the former UFC light heavyweight champion said it enhances his experience in bed and he enjoys talking the pills.  Joe Rogan seemed confused and questioned how one of the world’s greatest athletes would ever need sex enhancing pills.  Jon then went on to explain, in some weird arm-language moves, how it helps him in bed.  He went on to say, “I’ve been in the UFC for a long time and I’ve taken sex pills multiple times throughout my adult life.”

The real question should be why doesn’t Cialis or Viagra sign Jon Jones to an endorsement contract?  He should be doing TV spots promoting these products for the younger generation of men who feel nervous about taking these types of pills.

At a press conference in Buffalo New York, Jon went on to say, “I highly recommend it… it’s awesome.”  While everyone appreciates Jones honesty, these little pills have cost him some serious bucks.  Word is the former champ may have lost an 8 figure payday against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.  Jones claimed he received tainted Cialis from a friend and that’s the only reason why he tested positive for a banned substance.  While some people remain suspicious that he’s telling the entire truth, it could have played out like that.  If that is the truth, then that was surely the most expensive Cialis pill ever taken.  A normal pill cost about $20 at a local pharmacy.  This one probably cost Jones $10 million, or more.

The UFC has been working with the USADA on cleaning up the sport.  This has resulted in much more stringent testing and some of the biggest stars, including Jon Jones, getting busted.  Today’s MMA athlete needs to get each subscription cleared with the USADA rules and make sure he or she gets their prescription filled from a local reputable pharmacy.  That means never ordering a prescription through a oversees supplier, that might taint the product.

Jon Jones was suspended for 1 year in his latest mishap, after testing positive for clomiphene and Letrozol.  Jones apologized to the UFC and all the fans who were expecting him to headline the UFC 200 card.  Now he will finally be cleared to fight this summer.  No word yet if Dana White will match him against Daniel Cormier or give him a warm-up fight to clear out the ring dust.  What we do know is Jon Jones will fight again soon, with a quest to become the greatest mixed martial artist ever.

I already did it
I already did it

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