Jon Jones Slams Daniel Cormier for Towel Cheating

Just when you haven’t heard from Jon Jones for a while, he comes on the seen and accuses his rival Daniel Cormier of cheating.  It all started on Thursday when Daniel weighed in for the UFC 210 main event in New York.  He stepped on the scale and was over the limit at 206.2 pounds.  A bewildered Daniel seemed confused, as he disappeared into the background only to reappear moments later, with a UFC towel flanked around him.  He gets on the scale and “wallah” he weighs 205.  Jon “The Bones” Jones weighed in calling it “one of the dirtiest things I’ve ever seen in sports.”  Jon must feel frustrated that he gets busted for a year just for taking tainted Cialis and now his main rival gets a pass on a “towel grab” weigh-in.  Jones then went on to say “that was absolutely totally nuts.  If you focus on Daniel’s hands, you see him just looking down and measuring the scale to hit 205.”  That’s exactly what he hit, the magical 205!

This was not a magic show in Las Vegas, this was upstate New York.  So how could anyone drop 1.2 pounds in 60 seconds, short of vomiting 6 slices of pizza?  Well, the conspiracy theories are all over the web, as it appears Daniel Cormier clutched a towel and pressed down while on the scales.  This eliminated 1.2 pounds of pressure and he made the perfect weight.

Many people in the media cried foul, but the New York State Athletic Commision stood by the result and cleared Daniel for Saturday’s fight.  Trick or no trick, the fight is on and it is a big one.  DC, as he is widely known, will face off a second time against Rumble Johnson, one of the hottest fighters the last couple years.  In the first fight, Rumble connected on a thundering right hand that nearly knocked the head off of DC.  The only way Daniel had a chance was to grind out a win by focusing on his wrestling capabilities.  In this upcoming fight, Anthony Johnson will surely try to keep the fight standing and connect again.  In training camp, Rumble has been working on his wrestling, especially his take down defense.  The odds makers have DC a slight favorite, but with Rumble’s massive right hand, anything can happen.  Will there be a new 205 champ come Saturday night?

One thing we do know is Jon Jones will be at the upstate New York fight and in attendance.  Will there be a big announcement of a rematch between the two 205 fighters?  Recently, Daniel has hinted at not fighting anymore at 205 but that might just be a bargaining ploy for a big payday fight with Jon Jones, assuming he wins on Saturday night.  The UFC needs a rivalry and this is one of the best ones.

Daniel is still upset he was cheated out of a multi-million payday when Jones tested positive and was pulled from UFC 200.  Now, if Daniel wins this fight against Rumble, we might just see the rematch everyone is waiting for.