Kelvin Gastelum Tests Positive for Marijuana out for UFC 212

One of the hottest young fighters in the UFC today, Kelvin Gastelum, will not be headlining UFC 212 in Brazil after all.  The Ultimate Fighter winner was flagged by the USADA for Carboxy-THC.  That means he’s been smoking and inhaling marijuana and got busted.  According to the standards set by the United States Anti Doping Agency, marijuana is not banned for UFC fighters, just at certain levels.  Anything above 180 ng/ML is prohibited.  It seems Kelvin tested above that amount and will now be punished.

After the positive test, UFC officials quickly announced that Kelvin is off the UFC 212 Brazil card and matchmakers are looking for a new opponent for Anderson Silva.  This is a major blow to the young American fighter.  He’s been on an impressive role after moving up to middleweight, with a recent stomping victory over the much acclaimed Vitor Belfort. After the Vitor beatdown, Kelvin wanted to fight another Brazilian legend, Anderson Silva.  The no fear fighter seems to want to go down as the “legend killer” and beat all the former great champs.  Now the question will be whether Kelvin can kick his marijuana problem and get clean.  With the paydays getting bigger as the UFC gains more popularity worldwide, it would be insanely stupid if Kelvin did not ditch the marijuana.

If Kelvin gets clean his future looks great.  At 185 pounds, he fights stronger and doesn’t wear his body out trying to make the welterweight 170 cut.  While he might not be a top 3 fighter yet at 185, he certainly has a huge fan base and can almost carry a fight card at this point. That means big dollar signs and money in the bank once he gets reinstated.  At only 25 years old, his best days are surely ahead of him.  Hopefully the talented fighter only gets a minimal suspension and gets back in the octagon soon.

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