Ken Shamrock Thinks He Would’ve Destroyed Brock Lesnar in His Prime


Ken Shamrock has always talked a lot of smack.  As he has gotten older, his MMA game has gone way down, but hit talking has gone way up.  In this recent interview, Ken Shamrock claims he would have beaten Brock Lesnar in his prime because Brock is a one dimensional fighter.  Shamrock thinks Brock can only wrestle and his strikes would have taken out Brock. Those are some big words from a guy that got beat down in his 30s by Tito Ortiz, a wrestler, and easily submitted on the ground by Royce Gracie.

I’m not sure if Brock has heard this latest interview, but I am sure he would be laughing his arse off if he did. Lesnar would easily take Ken down whenever and however he wants.  He would ground and pound Ken to a TKO victory 99% of the time and make Ken look like an amateur.

Check out these wild quotes from Ken Shamrock on Hannibal TV:

“Brock Lesnar is a wrestler, who has very limited striking skills.  In my prime and his prime, he doesn’t even have a chance,” proclaimed Shamrock.  He went on to say, “How can Brock beat me?  You cannot beat me.  If I am in my prime and I have all my skill sets, Brock does not have a chance.  He has a limited set of skills, how can you beat me, I strike.”

I’ve captured every title there is in the world that I’ve competed in.  I have always risen to the top and become that guy.  The only time I didn’t was pro wrestling, the WWE.  I got the Tag Team title, Intercontinental, Rookie of the Year, King of the Ring, everything but the heavyweight title.  I hope that later on, down the road, the WWE and me can put our differences aside and get me back.  If I come back I want to fight Lesnar.  I want to come after him.”

Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar are both former UFC heavyweight champions.  The difference is Shamrock did it about 20 years ago, when the competition was weaker.  Brock Lesnar did it the last few years, against legends. Brock only trained MMA for a couple years and tore through the heavyweight division, dominating former champions.  In just three MMA fights, Lesnar became the UFC champion.  He also destroyed another world-class wrestler getting there, Randy Couture.

For Ken Shamrock to announce he wold beat Lesnar in his prime sounds like a fantasy.  Lesnar is 40 pounds bigger than Ken and has wrestling skills that would destroy Ken in the first round.  Brock Lesnar is one of the most decorated collegiate NCAA wrestlers of all time and a natural athlete.  Brock played in the NFL and could have pursued pro football if injuries didn’t happen.

It seems Ken Shamrock is talking smack to generate a bit of publicity.  He wants back in the WWE and is talking crap to Lesnar to get a new contract.  Will the WWE put Ken in a ring with Lesnar?  Who knows, but probably not. It looks like Ken is set for another career move, security for rappers and reality TV stars.


I already did it
I already did it

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